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About Xenia

  • Susan Narrigan founded Xenia Catering in 1997

  • She has catered weddings and parties of every size at many different locations

  • Does your mom have any culinary training or history from before she started Xenia?

  • Why did she choose catering? And how did you come to be in the business?

  • Xenia is the Greek word for hospitality. Do you have a Greek heritage?

Abbie Holmes Estate by Yvonne Yuen

A bout Abigail Holmes

  • 1860, Captain James Holmes and Abigail married

  • Farm house dates back to 1829

  • The house was turned into a venue twenty years ago? But I also have it in my notes that Abbie Holmes is 12 years old?

  • I could not find anything online at all about Captain James or Abigail Holmes, which was surprising!

  • Please tell me anything you know about them, and about when your family purchased the house (my notes say 20 years ago), any architectural details which might be interesting (like when the conservatory was added). I think you mentioned the house has been moved?

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